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Announcement: 10-year Public Sector Geospatial Agreement with OS

Government announces new 10-year Public Sector Geospatial Agreement with Ordnance Survey(OS).

techUK were delighted to hear the most recent announcement from Ordnance Survey (OS), 1 April 2020, that the Geospatial Commission will be increasing the location data available to the public sector.

This location-based data sets a solid foundation for the UK’s public services; for example building homes, supporting transport, helping security services keep us safe and many more.

techUK’s Technology and Innovation team recently held a roundtable to enable members to learn more about the work being carried out by the Geospatial Commission and feed directly into the market study programme of research. Members also used the roundtable as an opportunity to raise issues and areas to be explored. From the roundtable, there was a clear interest from attendees that more focused work could be done around location data.

This is an exciting step which will allow both private and public sectors to have improved access to accurate and detailed mapping data to further support the delivery of vital public services.

For more details on this latest announcement, please click here.

From the 1 July 2020 businesses will be able to access, free up to a threshold, OS MasterMap data through a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

For further information, please see the Ordnance Survey PSGA home page

techUK members – if you are interested in Geospatial Data issues and may be interested in being involved in techUK’s emerging work in this area, please get in touch with

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