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Appointment of Future of UK Treescapes Ambassadors

Professor Clive Potter of Imperial College London and Dr Julie Urquhart of the University of Gloucestershire will be joint Ambassadors, playing a central role in ensuring the programme is highly visible profile and successfully delivered. 

The Future of UK Treescapes programme aims to advance understanding of the type and scale of woodland planting and forest establishment that will be needed in the UK to address the complex challenges of climate change and build resilience, promote ecosystem restoration and safeguard tree health, and respond to socio-economic and cultural drivers.

Advancing understanding

The programme is jointly funded by NERC, AHRC and ESRC with contributions from Defra and the Welsh and Scottish governments.

Playing a central role in the planning, positioning and delivery of this ambitious new initiative, the Ambassadors will work with research project teams to promote a shared sense of interdisciplinary endeavour and to facilitate extensive engagement with stakeholders and policymakers.

As programme ambassadors, they will be responsible for bringing the research to the attention of policymakers and other stakeholders and influencers including the public, and for promoting the knowledge exchange that will be essential if the work is to achieve maximum impact.

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