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Armitt: Skidmore Net Zero report "nails argument that inaction now will cost us all in the long run"

The Commission has welcomed Mission Zero, an independent review by Chris Skidmore MP on government’s approach to delivering its legally binding net zero target, specifically “how to deliver and implement most effectively and efficiently a plan for our future energy transition”.

Chris Skidmore’s report, published today (13 January 2023), highlights the centrality of transforming the UK’s infrastructure to enable the net zero transition. The report’s recommendations include accelerating the connection of low cost renewables such as solar and onshore wind; developing a cross-sectoral strategy to support the building and adaptation of infrastructure for electricity, hydrogen, CO2 and other networks that support the green economy; and reforming planning rules.

The Commission’s next National Infrastructure Assessment, to be published this autumn, will include recommendations on how to build a flexible and secure low carbon energy system alongside proposals to support the decarbonisation of home heating.

Responding to today’s report, Sir John Armitt, Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, said:

“Chris Skidmore’s clarity in his call for accelerated action is as compelling as it is commendable, nailing the argument that inaction now will cost us all in the long run. Given the economic opportunities offered by leading the pack internationally, securing policy and funding stability over the coming years is paramount.

“The report’s specific proposals on the importance of forward looking investments in electricity grid infrastructure and a plan for delivering engineered greenhouse gas removals are two examples of recommendations the Commission has been advocating. Our own work on decarbonising the energy sector, to be published in the next National Infrastructure Assessment later this year, will offer concrete and costed proposals to inform an updated National Infrastructure Strategy that helps deliver the vision set out powerfully in this report.”

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