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Artificial intelligence: threats and opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI) affects our lives more and more. Learn about the opportunities and threats for security, democracy, businesses and jobs.

Europe's growth and wealth are closely connected to how it will make use of data and connected technologies. AI can make a big difference to our lives – for better or worse - and the European Parliament has established a committee to examine the impact of the technology. Below are some key opportunities and threats connected to future applications of AI.

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Advantages of AI

EU countries are already strong in digital industry and business-to-business applications. With a high-quality digital infrastructure and a regulatory framework that protects privacy and freedom of speech, the EU could become a global leader in the data economy and its applications.

Benefits of AI for people

AI could help people  with improved health care, safer cars and other transport systems, tailored, cheaper and longer-lasting products and services. It can also facilitate access to information, education and training.  The need for distance learning became more important because of the Covid-19 pandemic. AI can also make workplace safer as robots can be used for dangerous parts of jobs, and open new job positions as AI-driven industries grow and change.

Opportunities of artificial intelligence for businesses

For businesses, AI can enable the development of a new generation of products and services, including in sectors where European companies already have strong positions: green and circular economy, machinery, farming, healthcare, fashion, tourism. It can boost sales, improve machine maintenance, increase production output and quality, improve customer service, as well as save energy.

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