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'Ask for Angela' trialled in gyms and leisure centres

This Girl Can has worked with other partners to launch a pilot of the nationally recognised safety campaign at 11 sites in south-west London.

Our This Girl Can campaign has worked with ukactive, Safer Business Network, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Mayor of London to launch a pilot of the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative across 11 fitness and leisure centres in south-west London.

Lampton Leisure and Anytime Fitness have signed up some of their sites for an eight-week trial of the nationally recognised safety campaign, which was originally designed for licensed hospitality venues.

‘Ask for Angela’ allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe or vulnerable situation to ask staff for help by using the code word ’Angela’.

This phrase will indicate to staff that they require discreet help with their situation and a trained member of staff will then look to support and assist them. 

The campaign aims to help promote safety and wellbeing for anyone who feels vulnerable or who finds themself in an uncomfortable situation, and the organisations behind it want to explore its use in other public settings, starting with the fitness and leisure sector.

A smiling woman on a rowing machine in a gym

"For some, going to the gym can be an anxious experience," said Claire Edwards, This Girl Can's head of campaign activation. 

"Wearing tight clothing, changing in front of others, entering often heavily male-dominated spaces, as well as worries about getting active and not being good enough are all too common – often for women and girls.  

"Our research found that safety concerns restrict women’s freedom and comfort in fitness and leisure centres and pose a significant barrier to them enjoying exercise.  

"'Ask for Angela' will reassure women and girls that they can, and should, seek help or report any situation that has left them feeling uncomfortable and that staff will be on hand to help.  

"The campaign has a proven history in the hospitality sector and we’re confident it will be beneficial to the health and fitness industry."

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