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Atlas shows variations in NHS purchasing

NHS Procurement Atlas of Variation shows differences in the amount hospitals pay for everyday items including catheters, gloves and needles. 

The new online NHS Procurement Atlas of Variation will help hospitals to compare prices and identify where they need to drive down costs so they can invest in more doctors and nurses to care for patients, as well as in frontline care.

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter said:

The NHS budget has been increased but the reality of an ageing population, rising patient demand and more expensive treatments means our NHS needs to spend money wisely in order to direct every penny into frontline patient care.

We are delivering on our promise to improve the way our NHS buys goods, equipment and services to make sure taxpayers’ money is spent efficiently and more money is available to look after patients.

Our new league tables will make the NHS a more open and better place in which to do business, for small and medium sized businesses. Improving procurement practices is about making sure that money is going where it needs to, on patients and not down the drain.

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