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Audit Wales - We continue to create high quality work that makes a difference

We’ve published our Interim Report

Our Interim Report provides a summary of how we’re delivering or progressing our plans since our Annual Plan was published in April 2022. 

We have continued to keep flexibility in our national work programme to allow us to respond to changing circumstances, priorities and issues of public or parliamentary concern as they arise. Additionally, earlier this year we launched a consultation to help plan an indicative medium-term work programme. 

In June this year, we published our Assure, Explain, Inspire: Our Strategy 2022-27, a great milestone for Audit Wales. We challenged ourselves as an organisation, sought scrutiny of others and gained valuable insight to help us develop a clear direction for the next five years. 

In terms of running the business, we have continued to adapt how we work, supporting our staff to work flexibly so they can deliver effective and efficient services. In the last six months, we have also published our Wellbeing Strategy. We want Audit Wales to be an organisation where our staff are proud to work and where we do high quality work that makes a difference.

A key focus for Audit Wales in the last six months has been decisions around our future office needs and ways of working. We have worked to ensure we deliver high-quality work, whilst also prioritising the health and wellbeing of our staff, as well as contributing to a reduction in our environmental impact. 

We are pleased to report that nearly all planned work has either been delivered or is progressing to plan. This is a credit to the professionalism, dedication and hard work of our staff and the co-operation we receive from the bodies we audit and we are committed to building on this momentum for the remainder of the year.

Adrian Crompton, Auditor General

Interim Report 2022

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