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Average cable broadband speed overtakes fibre

The average broadband speed delivered by cable services is now faster than that of fibre, according to Ofcom research.

In the six months to May 2014, the average speed delivered by cable broadband reached 43.3Mbit/s, overtaking the average speed for fibre connections for the first time (42.0Mbit/s).

Ofcom’s eleventh report measures actual residential broadband speeds in the UK. It is intended to help consumers understand the performance of different broadband technologies and internet service providers’ packages, and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Ofcom has also yesterday published new information to help consumers understand their options when choosing a new broadband service or get the most from their existing broadband.

Key findings from Ofcom’s research show that, between November 2013 and May 2014:

  • the average actual UK broadband speed increased by 5% (0.9Mbit/s) to 18.7Mbit/s;
  • take-up of superfast services (those with a headline speed of 30Mbit/s and above) increased from 24% to 28% of connections, while average superfast speeds remained stable at 47Mbit/s;
  • the extent to which speeds were maintained during peak evening times varied significantly between broadband packages, ranging from 76% to 96% of maximum speeds.  

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