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BBC CTO confirms shift towards internet centric broadcasting

The BBC is set to shift towards becoming an “internet-centric” broadcaster, according to new comments from its Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Postgate,

Mr Postgate told the Financial Times that the BBC was seeking to adapt to changing consumption habits which meant it needed to compete with online content delivery companies such as Netflix.

Describing this policy as "internet first", Mr Postgate commented that the BBC had also learnt from the high-profile failure of the Digital Media Imitative and would not in future pursue "very large, overarching, multiyear projects".

The BBC Charter consultation process, which will have a strong influence on future BBC direction and investment priorities will start, post election, in the summer.

techUK are working on a response and engagement plan for the charter review in consultation with membership. This work carries a particular focus in the areas of digital television and radio services and the relationship between content, delivery and devices.

To get involved in this dialogue contact Paul Hide, Director of Operations on 020 7331 2193 or email,

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