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BCS encourages students to be part of the digital revolution

Heard about the internet of things? If you opt for a career in IT - you could be designing it, says BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, as it encourages school and college leavers to consider a career in IT and to look at the options offered by IT apprenticeships.

A recent survey of parents run by the Institute reveals that almost 60% of those who responded would encourage their child to consider a career in IT.

Jos Creese, President of the Institute says: “For students with the right skills there is a massive and exciting opportunity to take advantage of the current demand for IT, tech and digital talent. It’s a sector that young people and their parents should pay serious consideration to when thinking about future careers.

“IT allows individuals to be creative, solve problems and influence change at a scale that very few professions can match. It is also a profession that is only going to continue to grow in importance as the digital revolution continues - there is a real opportunity for those entering now to be working on new inventions that we can only begin to imagine.”

The survey also revealed that just over half of parents would encourage their child to do an IT apprenticeship, with over 70% of parents who responded rating apprenticeships in general as either ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Jos adds: “There are many ways of entering the profession including graduate and post graduate options, but I’m also very pleased to say that the UK is now offering IT apprenticeships as well and employers are backing these schemes. Apprenticeships offer a great way to get hands on experience and learn as you develop your skills in a real life workplace. For those who know what they want to do and don’t want to take on the costs of going to university, apprenticeships are a very real and viable alternative start to a career.”

Predictions suggest that the UK is facing a serious IT skills shortage in the coming years so it’s vital that more young people see the sector as an option for a career. Recruitment in the sector is growing, professionals are in high demand and the number of positions available within the profession is growing every year, making it an attractive prospect for anyone about to embark upon a career IT.

The Institute offers qualifications and provides information about working in the industry, along with career paths to help individuals map out their career potential and next steps.

Jos concludes: “Whatever your grades there are many ways to pursue a career in IT from work experience, apprenticeships to degrees and of course, don’t forget the opportunity to build your own start-up if you’ve got a good idea.”


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