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Baffled by geek speak? BCS can help...

WIMP... FAT... MUG... WORM... Baffled by geek speak? Troubled by techno-lingo? Fear not - help is at hand in the form of the latest jargon busting publication from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

The 14th edition of the BCS Glossary of Computing is the most complete, authoritative and comprehensive work of its kind. From ASCII to ZIP - the book covers the A to Z of computing terms - and proves that these terms are not insults in the world of IT:

  • WIMP - windows icons menus pointer
  • FAT - file allocation table
  • MUG - multi-user game
  • WORM - write once, read many

This unrivalled study aid and reference tool contains new and updated entries and is divided into themed sections, making it much more than just a list of definitions. It is specifically designed to support those taking computer courses or courses where computers are used, including GCSE, A-Level, ECDL and 14-19 Diplomas in Functional Skills in schools and further education colleges.

The latest edition of this international bestseller includes over 3,000 terms clearly defined and explained in context with full indexing and cross-referencing - and covers all the terminology in the Computing curriculum.

Some familiar words take on a whole new meaning in the world of computing...

  • Handshake - the exchange of signals between devices to establish their readiness to send or receive data e.g. the transmission of data from a computer to a printer
  • Jumper - a detachable flexible-wire connection between suitable socket points on a circuit board.

Julie-Anne Maisey B.Sc.(Hons) PGCE QTS adds: “The content is up to date, engaging and informative; an important addition to my academic book collection.”

Ian Carey FCIEA, WJEC Subject Officer for Computing (in a review of a previous edition) says: “The BCS Glossary of Computing remains the essential reference and support for those teaching or taking computer courses in schools, FE and universities from GCSE level onwards and cannot be recommended highly enough.”

About the book
IBSN: 978-1-78017-326-9
Format: Paperback
Publication date: Sept 2016
Price: UK: £19.99 EU: €24.99 USD: $27.99 AUD: 36.99

About the authors
This glossary has been compiled by members of the BCS Academy Glossary Working Party, many of whom are teachers. In creating the glossary, they have drawn heavily upon their many years of experience in the education sector, as well as their detailed knowledge of computing.

The book is available from the BCS Bookshop: www.bcs.org/bookshop

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