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Blog post on making higher education work for students

How can regulators promote the interests of students in higher education?

As university students start a new academic year, CMA Economic Advisor, Nick Seaford has written a blog about how reforms to the regulation of higher education in England can ensure competition in this market works for students.

With students paying tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year, it’s more important than ever that they get a valuable and rewarding experience at university.

This is why the higher education market in England must work in their interests.

A good market is one where students are empowered to make the right choice of university and course (or whether to attend at all), and where universities respond to students’ needs.

We understand what makes markets work well – and when and how they can go wrong. We know that market structures, regulation, consumer behaviour, and the actions of suppliers all have an impact. This means we can help design regulation, which promotes competition on aspects that students care about in higher education, while also delivering on the government’s wider objectives.

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