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Bolsover Castle Rated English Heritage's Spookiest Site

Ahead of our Halloween and After Dark events programme, we asked our 1,800 staff to vote for the spookiest site in our care.

BolsoverKenilworth and Carisbrooke castles are our top three spookiest sites, according to a staff survey conducted by English Heritage this Halloween.

Our staff have intimate access to our historic places during its darkest hours. They are also immersed in the history of our sites and are aware of associated legends.

In their responses, some staff members have also shared spooky tales and reported creepy goings-on including creaking doors, unexplained noises and moving objects. 

Lucy Hutchings, Regional Director at English Heritage, said:

'Our sites are soaked in history and from bloody battles to dark deeds, not all of their stories are sweetness and light. Our castles and palaces, especially on these Halloween nights, can be eerie places and some of our team have seen and heard things they can't easily explain.

'Bolsover Castle, the magnificent former home of William Cavendish, definitely has a dark side. Over the years staff have reported time and again unexplained occurrences of objects moving, orbs of light, pinches and some have been told by visitors that they have seen William himself, wandering the lonely corridors. It's no wonder that it has been voted English Heritage's spookiest site.'

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