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Brexit damage continues to mount

Two year anniversary of the end of the transition period.

The people of Scotland must be given a choice about their future given the damage inflicted by Brexit, Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson has said.

Marking two years since the end of the transition period to leave the European Union after 47 years of membership, Mr Robertson highlighted the negative impacts Brexit continues to have on Scotland’s economy.

Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson said:

“The damages caused by Brexit just continue to mount. In the two years since the end of the transition period, we have seen no advantages to leaving the European Union. The cost of living crisis and recession are being felt more deeply in the UK than anywhere else, with recent research showing food bills in the UK are £210 higher in the last two years due to Brexit. Households on the lowest incomes are the hardest hit.

“The UK economy is fundamentally on the wrong path and there is no real alternative on offer within the current system. The Scottish Government is committed to giving the people of Scotland a choice about the future they want – a greener, wealthier and fairer economy within the European Union, or a sluggish, stagnating economy outside of the European Union. We will continue to publish the Building a New Scotland series of prospectus papers to ensure people can make that informed choice.

“According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, UK GDP is expected to be 4% lower as a consequence of Brexit – this equates to around £100 billion in output and £40 billion in public revenues lost each and every year. Businesses are suffering from lower exports to the EU, labour shortages and recruitment challenges. These issues are also affecting our NHS, with new research by the Nuffield Trust showing that lower EU migration is exacerbating staff shortages.

“Scotland is and always has been a proud European nation and we’re determined to continue to be an active and constructive participant on EU matters, which will ease the process of Scotland’s future return to the EU. This is in stark contrast to the approach being taken by the UK Government, intent on undermining retained EU law which will be hugely damaging to people and businesses in Scotland.”


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