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Bringing innovative technology enabled care products and services to public sector organisations

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Services have evolved over the years from what was traditionally referred to as telehealth and telecare. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased need for remote care solutions, Framework 203 can help you and your organisation with adapting to the digital change in the market.

Recently launched in June, Framework 203-21 is now live providing access to technology enabled care products and services. The solution seeks to support the TEC approach to service delivery and an outcome-based approach to commissioning. This is holistic in outlook and uses technology and analytics to proactively monitor and enhance the day to day lives of people, allowing them to maintain independence, whilst still providing the additional support and assistance needed.

What is Technology Enabled Care (TEC)?

Historically, TEC has consisted largely of telecare and telehealth.

Telecare is support and assistance provided at a distance using information and communication technology. It is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of Service Users by means of sensors to enable them to continue living independently in their own home or community accommodation. It includes the traditional pendant alarm worn on the wrist or around the neck which many people recognise and has been around for years.

Telehealth is the remote monitoring of and exchange of data between a service user and healthcare professionals using information gathered from medical devices in the home (for example glucose levels for a diabetic or oxygen levels for a person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This information is used to inform both service users and clinicians of baseline history and alert them to potential issues arising at an early stage. This enables preventative or anticipatory interventions to be put in place to better manage long term conditions. Telehealth can also be commissioned by GP practices who need to access expert interpretation of cardiac monitoring of patients in their surgeries, allowing them to ensure that their patient is referred to the help that they need in a timely manner.

In addition to these services, TEC has moved forward and is now used in wider aspects of peopels lives. Digital, mobile technology can be used both inside and outside of the home, giving service users (ranging from young adults with additional needs, to older service users) and their families peace of mind. In many instances the equipment and services have the additional benefit of being adaptable and customisable to the specific needs of the individual at little or no extra cost. During the Covid-19 lockdown, TEC was also used to help combat loneliness and the practical implications of vulnerable people shielding. Services can be commissioned that use analytics to recognise patterns of activity and deviations from the norm, allowing the support networks to be far more proactive in their service delivery approach.

What does the framework cover?

Local Authorities, NHS, Care and Housing Associations, as well as other public sector organisations can access services via this framework compliantly to save time. The framework is ideal for integrated care arrangements between Local Authorities and the NHS, but can also be used in a wider variety of settings such as prison hospitals for example. It is flexible enough to deal with the smallest requirement to multi million pound fully outsourced services.

The framework offers a catalogue of goods and services which are available for direct call off for straight forward requirements, together with a further competition option for procuring outsourced models of any size and complexity quickly and efficiently.

The framework is divided into two Lots:

Lot 1 Technology Enabled Care Products and Services Catalogue
  This includes both products and commoditised services that are described and priced in a manner that permits an all-inclusive and transparent ‘off the shelf’ direct award purchases.
Lot 2 Technology Enabled Care Services (outsourced services including products)
  Under Lot 2 you can run a further competition for more complex needs to identify the most appropriate providers for your specific requirements. Requirements may range from a completely outsourced end to end service, down to individual elements of a service to suite in with an existing provision.

TSA Standards

In order to ensure that we really do have the best providers that really understand the sector and not just the technology, one of the key elements of the framework is that suppliers must deliver and supply their goods and services in line with industry best practice, as set out in the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) - standards that have been determined by commissioners and suppliers working together.

Why use Framework 203?

We understand organisations work to tight budgets and putting your trust in a supplier can be a difficult decision. Framework 203 provides you with a pre-approved list of technology enabled care (TEC) product and service providers that have demonstrated that they have knowledge and relevant experience in the technology enabled care sector. All suppliers have committed to comply with sector best practice.

You can be assured that the suppliers on the framework have agreed to maintain the standards of the TSA Quality Standards Framework.
The framework has been designed with the future in mind, including consideration of the digital switchover.
This solution is flexible and can be used to respond rapidly to changing situations and needs, and will support you in periods of crisis such as were seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.
This framework is compliant with UK legislation - we’ve done the work, so you have more flexibility with the timescales for your procurement process.
Our framework is underpinned by pre-agreed terms and conditions for all suppliers so you won’t get stung by hidden costs or fees.
Flexible solution from the smallest requirement to multi million pound fully outsourced services.
Social value benefits can be obtained under Lot 2 - The suppliers will work with you and ESPO to support social value and sustainability targets and improvements within local economies.

You can benefit from further support which may include (subject to the nature of the products/services purchased):

  • Installation/Implementation
  • Training
  • Technical advice and support
  • Upgrades
  • Warranties/extended warranties
  • Service and maintenance

To find out more about ESPO’s TEC Products and Services framework (203), click here or contact our dedicated team on:

t: 0116 294 4008
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