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British Army celebrates new division in Germany

Soldiers from 1st (UK) Armoured Division paraded at Hammersmith Barracks in Herford, Germany, to mark their renaming as 1st (UK) Division. 

While the change in title, dropping the word ‘armoured’, might seem slight to some, in fact, the redesignation, as it is known, has huge significance. As part of the changes being implemented under Army 2020 the name-change reflects the fact that over the coming year the division will move from an armoured to a light infantry role and will be at the heart of the British Army’s Adaptable Force.

This Adaptable Force (AF) will provide a division of regular and reservist forces capable of undertaking war-fighting and stabilisation tasks while meeting standing commitments such as Cyprus and Brunei, and will work alongside reaction forces undertaking short-notice intervention tasks.

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