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Building a Stronger Workforce

Our vision is that everyone working in sport and activity feels confident, valued and supported.

A tennis instructor demonstrates a forehand to a trio of children at a Tennis for Kids session
We’ve developed a plan to give the more than 400,000 people who work in the sport and physical activity sector in England – and the people they help get active – the best possible support.

Working in an Active Nation has two main objectives.

Objective 1

Support the workforce to become more customer focused

Our aspiration is to ensure that people who do sport and physical activity have the best possible experience.

To achieve this, those who work in the sector need to be recruited, developed and supported in the right way.

We’re proposing a shift in emphasis, with workforce development placing a deep understanding of the people who do sport and activity at its heart.

Objective 2

Develop the workforce so that it’s recognised as professional

By developing things such as a clear set of professional standards, career development pathways and new qualification and training approaches, the strength of the sport and physical activity sector will be more widely recognised.

It will also help people feel united and proud to be part of the sector, fostering increased collaboration and, ultimately, lead to more people getting active.

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