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Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust taken out of special measures after improvement

Monitor has taken Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust out of special measures in recognition of the improvements that have been made on behalf of its patients.

While the trust has made significant progress in improving its services, further improvement is needed over its finances and the way it is run. The trust will appoint an Oversight Director to help it continue to improve.

The trust was put into special measures in July 2013 after the Keogh Review identified a range of concerns over the quality of services. A recent inspection and report from the Care Quality Commission showed that these issues have now been addressed.

Frances Shattock, Regional Director at Monitor, said:

It is fantastic news for patients and the hard working staff at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that the organisation has made the improvements necessary for it to be taken out of special measures.

We are encouraged by the trust’s commitment to building on the progress it has made in care and quality and welcome the trust’s decision to bring in short-term support to help it continue to improve now that it has left special measures.

The regulator will continue to scrutinise the trust’s performance and support it to continue to progress.


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