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Businesses key to closing cyber security perception gap

New report A Call To Action: The Cyber Aware Perception Gap.

A disparity between how the public view cyber crime and the reality of the threat is putting individuals and businesses at increasing risk, according to the Government’s Cyber Aware campaign.

Its new report A Call To Action: The Cyber Aware Perception Gap identifies the three key myths preventing people adopting behaviours that could protect them in an increasingly digitised and connected world: that cyber crime isn’t ‘real crime’; that it ‘won’t happen to me’; and that there’s ‘nothing I can do about it’.

Cyber Aware is calling on businesses of all sizes to take the lead by educating staff, clients and customers about the very real risks of cyber crime and what can be done to help prevent it.

Speaking with ‘one voice’ to encourage simple and consistent behaviours as advised by the Cyber Aware campaign, like using a strong, separate password for your email account and always installing the latest software and app updates, is critical. These are small, simple and solutions-focused actions which make a big difference in building the UK’s resilience to the cyber threat.

The full report can be viewed here.

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