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CBI: EU negotiations - supportive statement from Business Europe

CBI President Paul Drechsler has responded to a show of support from BusinessEurope, the umbrella organisation for European employers' federations.

EU negotiations - supportive statement from Business Europe

Responding the statement from BusinessEurope, Paul Drechsler, CBI President, said:

“We welcome the support from our sister federations across Europe and share their sense of urgency in working towards a deal that puts our shared interests – people, trade and jobs - first. It’s vital that the negotiations get off to a good start to help achieve an agreement that will deliver prosperity for future generations in both the UK and the EU27.”

Business Europe issued a statement on Friday warning against a 'disorderly Brexit'. Read the full press release here.

Markus J. Beyrer, Director General of BusinessEurope, said: “BusinessEurope stands ready to play a constructive role in the search of solutions to establish a sound and balanced new model for EU-UK relations. BusinessEurope therefore urges negotiators on both sides to reach the withdrawal agreement without delay so as to be able to focus as early as feasible on transitional arrangements where appropriate and finally on the future relation.  The status of EU-27 citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU-27 should be clarified firstly.”


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