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CBI Wales responds to new hospitality restrictions

CBI Wales yesterday responded to new hospitality restrictions.

Ian Price, CBI Wales Director, yesterday said:

“The First Minister’s announcement is devastating for a Welsh hospitality sector that’s already reeling from a damaging cycle of restrictions. Pubs, restaurants and shops that should be buzzing at this time of year now face a hugely uncertain future, with closures and job losses all but guaranteed.

“For those firms that have struggled on, the loss of the all-important festive trading period could very well be the last straw. Cash reserves have already been depleted, orders paid for and stock built-up in anticipation of a much-needed festive boost. The respite that many hoped for will not now materialise.

“Throughout the pandemic, firms have asked for clear, timely and evidence-based communication around restrictions to help them plan. They want to understand the key data points influencing decisions and to be confident that the severe measures put in place will deliver the desired result. 

“For the Welsh hospitality sector to weather the storm, additional business support is absolutely critical. Resources must be made available to firms immediately, with clear information and a designated point of contact created to help them access it. Anything less and it will be last orders for the community pubs, restaurants and cafes that we all value so highly.”


Original article link: https://www.cbi.org.uk/media-centre/articles/cbi-wales-responds-to-new-hospitality-restrictions/

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