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CBI responds to UK Government Levelling Up Whitepaper

CBI yesterday responded to UK Government Levelling Up Whitepaper.

Matthew Fell, CBI Chief Policy Director, yesterday said:

“The Levelling Up White Paper is a serious assessment of the regional inequalities which have hamstrung the UK’s economic potential for generations. It offers a blueprint for how government can be rewired and an encouraging basis for how the private sector can bring the investment and innovation to start overcoming those deep-rooted challenges, and power long term prosperity for every community, wherever they live.

“The picture it paints of a reinvigorated 2030 UK can inspire public and private sector partners to unite on shared missions for improving health, wealth, growth and opportunity across the country.

“Crucially, it accepts the CBI view that business-driven economic clusters – enabling every region and nation to build its own unique competitiveness proposition – can be a catalyst which brings levelling up ambitions to life.”


Original article link: https://www.cbi.org.uk/media-centre/articles/cbi-responds-to-uk-government-levelling-up-whitepaper/

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