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CBI response to EC on Ireland and Northern Ireland

We have responded to the EU Commission’s publication of its principles for the dialogues on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

David Gavaghan, Chair, CBI Northern Ireland, commented:

“Business has been clear that maintaining an open, frictionless border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and between Great Britain and the island of Ireland is essential to supporting jobs and the economy.

“We therefore welcome greater clarity on the EU Commission’s position vis-à-vis the border, the Good Friday Agreement, and the Common Travel Area. In particular, local firms will approve that the Commission, like the UK Government, recognises that the unique social and economic characteristics of the island of Ireland require a unique solution.

“However, a unique solution will take time to agree and implement. It is vital that the UK, Republic of Ireland, and EU agree a transitional trading period that protects cross border trade and supports local businesses making long-term investment decisions.”

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