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CDEI publishes snapshot papers on ethical issues in AI

The Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation (CDEI) has published its first series of snapshot papers on three emerging AI applications. These briefing papers seek to clarify the opportunities and ethical challenges presented by:

Key findings:

  • Artificial intelligence could lead to a step change in how the insurance industry operates, resulting in lower premiums, fairer decisions and a reduction in fraud. However, the use of AI remains highly contentious. Over time, the industry will need to engage with the public to reach a consensus on what constitutes a responsible use of AI and data. 
  • High quality, lifelike deepfakes remain difficult to produce, requiring specialist skills and professional software that are not yet widely available. But for now, ‘shallow fakes’ – audio and visual content manipulated using basic tools and techniques – are as great a threat as deepfakes.
  • Smart speakers present exciting opportunities including making it easier to access information or even supporting the delivery of different services. But public concerns have arisen, focusing on the seemingly intrusive aspects of the devices and the use of the data captured. Others have raised questions about their longer-term disruptive impact on the consumption of information, user profiling and people’s relationship with technology. 

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