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CESG releases new guidance for secure voice technology

Risks to voice data

Voice data is subject to a number of key threats:

  • calls are placed to or received from an attacker and the user doesn't realise, resulting in compromise of spoken data
  • attacker with privileged network access can access all call content and metadata for a user on that network
  • attacker compromises a cellular base station, or uses a false base station, and gains access to all call content and metadata for all users on that base station
  • attacker could cause calls to be routed via infrastructure they control (e.g. offering low-cost routing), enabling interception

New CESG guidance

Secure Voice technology is changing rapidly, and CESG policy is evolving to keep up with the pace of change.

The Secure Voice at OFFICIAL guidance (PDF 351KB) describes the current status and policy of secure voice technology for protecting OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE communications.‚Äč


Channel website: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/

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