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CIOs have vital role in developing ‘smart’ places

CIOs and heads of ICT have a vital role to play in creating ‘smart’ places – cities, regions or rural areas – where local leaders need to bring together a locality’s natural resources and economic strengths with an appropriate technical architecture.

Developing a smart vision for a city, region or other local area is critical, and not doing so will prejudice the well-being and life chances of citizens, says Smart places: smart infrastructure, systems or people? the latest briefing from Socitm.

There is no single model for a ‘smart place’, and while designing one requires much more than a technological infrastructure, that place’s CIO or head of ICT has a vital role to play in developing the wider vision, by explaining and integrating the possibilities of a digital future with the community’s physical plans for buildings and infrastructure. Thinking about the exploitation of information assets is equally part of the ICT leader’s contribution.

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