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COVID-19: Welsh National Health Service Preps Watson-Powered Chatbot

IBM’s Watson Health Artificial intelligence (AI) engine to be used by The National Health Service Wales.

To help fight COVID-19, IBM has trained Watson Assistant (a conversational AI platform), which can be easily integrated into existing web or phone channels, on common questions directly leveraging U.S CDC guidance.

The National Health Service Wales is working on an English and Welsh-speaking virtual assistant which will be built using natural language processing. It will be used to provide information on COVID-19 for healthcare workers and the general public. It will be made available to government agencies, health care institutions, and academic organisations free of charge for 90 days. The goal is, that by tapping AI technologies such as natural language processing, it will triage individuals looking for guidance on COVID-19.

The Watson Assistant for Citizens uses currently available data from external sources, including guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and local sources such as links to school closings and public websites. For more information please click here. 


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