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COVID-19 response: Safe collective cross-border travel in the COVID-19 era

As part of the EU's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Council recently adopted a set of conclusions aimed at restoring passengers’ and workers' confidence by minimising the risk of infection in cross-border collective passenger transport systems.

In the conclusions, the Council promotes a number of basic hygiene and infection control measures, which should apply to all cross-border collective passenger transport services. Such recommended measures consist of among others :

  • physical distancing or, where this is not feasible, use of masks,
  • greater use of digital ticketing and digital ticket inspections,
  • observing high standards of fresh air circulation and cleanliness of means of transport.

The Council also invites the Commission and member states to continue coordinating on the application of the transport guidelines and recommendations on Covid-19 adopted at national and EU level.

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