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CQC outlines plans to monitor infection prevention and control (IPC) over winter

We will continue to regulate care and hospital locations over the coming months to support organisations as they prepare for winter and provide assurances to the public that locations are safe and well prepared, including for people who are discharged from hospital with a Covid-positive status.

Ourinfection prevention and control (IPC) inspections are already being rolled out across care locations in England and we will share the results of those inspections on our website in a simple and easy to access layout so that the public can be assured across a number of key criteria that a care location has an effective approach to infection prevention control. Over 400 IPC inspections reports have now been published on our website and as of Friday (09 October 2020) the public will be able to have an accessible overview. In our IPC inspections we look to see that:

  • Adequate PPE is available for staff and residents to control infection safely
  • Staff are properly trained to deal with outbreaks and the proper procedures are in place
  • Shielding and social distancing is being complied with
  • Layout of premises, use of space and hygiene practice promote safety.

Ted Baker, Chief inspector of Hospitals recently said:

"CQC is exploring with individual hospital providers how they have addressed the risks of cross infection and have appropriate assurance that they consistently meet the standards set out in guidance. We will share good practice where we find it and will seek further assurance where necessary, including targeted inspections. We will use our enforcement powers if we find unsatisfactory practice that puts people receiving care at risk.

"This also applies to controlling the spread of Covid between different services. It is essential that information regarding patients’ Covid status is shared before being discharged from hospital and in a timely manner so that all health and care professionals involved can make an informed decision about where their care needs can best be met and are able to take steps to protect themselves."

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