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CTSI is proud to be first signatory to sign up to new National Trading Standards Fraud and Scams Victim Charter

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is proud to be the first signatory of the new National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team’s ‘Fraud and Scams Victim Charter’. This is another milestone in the work of both CTSI and NTS to support and inform consumers with regards to the scams and frauds they may experience.

The Charter will support victims of frauds and scams; it explains the standard of service that victims of these crimes can expect and from organisations who sign up to the Charter. This includes commitment to not blame or shame victims but to show empathy, understanding and compassion, and reminds us of how we should treat all victims of crime, but with a focus on fraud and scams.

The Charter is being initiated by Friends Against Scams, an initiative of the NTS Scams Team, that aims to help and protect people against scams by empowering them to take a stand against the kinds of fraud that are most rife. Not only do they raise awareness of scams as a consumer issue, but they also inspire consumers to take action; their work is also crafted to dispel assumptions about those people who are victims of fraud and scams, to create a more supportive environment that recognises scams can happen to anyone. 

As well as the Friends Against Scams project, the NTS Scams Team helps address mass marketing fraud and disrupt the actions of perpetrators. The team provides valuable guidance on best practice and establishes a centre of excellence to assist local authorities in supporting local victims and taking local enforcement action in their areas.

Louise Baxter MBE, Head of the NTS Scams Team and CTSI Lead Officer for Consumer Advice, Education and Consumer Vulnerability, said: “I am delighted that CTSI are the first to sign the new Fraud and Scams Victim Charter and welcome other organisations to sign up. Current research shows that when people realise, they have become a victim of a fraud or scam, they feel stupid or embarrassed. 

“They are not stupid, naive, or greedy – they are victims of a crime. The Charter recognises the impact that fraud and scams can have on victims and requires organisations to have the victims’ best interests as their primary focus without blaming or shaming them.”

John Herriman, CTSI Chief Executive, said: “CTSI is delighted to be the first signatory to this new Victims Charter, helping to support those who have been targeted by a scam or fraud. 

“It is vital that we make members of the public aware where they can go to get information, and CTSI is proud to be a united voice with Friends Against Scams on this issue. We are also looking forward to continuing our work with Louise Baxter MBE, our Lead Officer for Consumer Education, Advice and Consumer Vulnerability, to ensure that consumers can expect the best support and information.”

Those wishing to support the campaign can view the “no blame, no shame” campaign on the Friends Against Scams website and socials. After watching the coercive control video and completing Friends Against Scams training, they can request to join the Charter.

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The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is a national not for profit established in 1881 which supports the UK’s Trading Standards profession and works to protect consumers and safeguard honest businesses. CTSI's members are engaged in delivering frontline Trading Standards services at local authorities and in businesses.

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