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Call for minimum digital living standard - by professional body for IT

The professional body for IT welcomes the Welsh Government’s proposal to introduce a minimum digital living standard and urges its adoption.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT has responded to the “Shaping Wales’ Future” consultation and wants the Welsh Government to:

  • Introduce a Minimum Digital Living Standard
  • Identify, facilitate, report on and promote healthy digital lifestyle behaviours
  • Promote and report on professionalism across employment sectors to facilitate trust and growth in the digital industries

This consultation builds on the Digital Strategy for Wales and invites views on a minimum digital living standard.

Providing the right digital infrastructure is crucial

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Wendy Dearing (Dean of the Institute Management & Health at UWTSD) said: “We welcome the opportunity to take part in the Welsh Government’s Shaping Wales’ Future consultation and its proposal to introduce a minimal digital living standard.

Providing the right digital infrastructure is crucial to enable Wales to realise its economic potential and to ensure equality of opportunity for its citizens. We look forward to working closely with the Welsh Government to achieve its aims.

“Wales has a unique public sector and wider technological ecosystem across private industry, academia, and civil society; this network has significant potential to influence living standards and opportunities in a digital age.”


Channel website: http://www.bcs.org/

Original article link: https://www.bcs.org/articles-opinion-and-research/call-for-minimum-digital-living-standard-by-professional-body-for-it/

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