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Chancellor’s announcement is significant but piecemeal measures only add to anxiety for insecure workers

Ben Harrison, Director of the Work Foundation at Lancaster University, responded to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s cost of living announcement on 26 May 2022 

“It’s welcome that the Chancellor has finally introduced new measures to help people through the cost of living crisis. The one-off payment of £650 to low income households is significant, and as it will be made via the benefits system it will land direct in the bank accounts of those who need it most.

“But the wait to provide this support has already caused significant damage, and delaying part of this payment to the Autumn risks compounding this. The UK Insecure Work Index shows that one in five (6.2 million) workers in the UK live in severe insecurity, unsure of how many hours they can work or much money they will earn. Making piecemeal announcements every few months only adds to the anxiety and uncertainty they face.”

Millions of most vulnerable households will receive £1,200 of help with cost of living

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