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Civilian career and Royal Navy Reserve training: the perfect recipe for success

"It was fantastic to train alongside like-minded people and make friends", Kiera joined the Royal Naval Reserve whilst at university.

The seed of the idea of joining the Royal Naval Reserve was planted at University. Kiera studied Biomedical Sciences at King’s College London, and having sailed for most of her life, decided to join the University Royal Navy Unit (URNU). Kiera yesterday commented:

I loved it. We met once a week, like any other society. At weekends we did adventurous training, and leadership and management qualifications. It was fantastic to train alongside like-minded people and make friends.

Kiera now works for Greencore, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of convenience foods, as a Purchasing Excellence Partner. She is part of a dynamic new team who are looking at innovative new ways of working. She yesterday said:

One of the ways that the navy has complimented my civilian career is through leadership and management. At a basic level, you have to be confident standing up and presenting, or mapping out a new idea. But the strategic thinking side of my business career is really important, and so many of the skills I have, I built up in the navy. And vice versa, everything I learn about Project Management in my day job goes straight into my reserve duties. It’s a win win!

A spokesperson for Greencore yesterday said:

We’re proud of the work that Kiera is doing as a Reservist. At Greencore we encourage as many colleagues as possible to get involved in organisations and activities that support and help our local communities and wider society. Kiera is an excellent example of a colleague who has this ethos at the core.


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