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CogX Festival: Day One

CogX Festival is now open!

On Monday, the world’s most influential AI leaders and technologists descended on CogX Festival in London to discuss some of the most prominent opportunities and challenges facing industry, government and academia at the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.

Bringing together over 15,000 attendees and 500 speakers across 12 stages, CogX provided an ideal opportunity for members to network and establish commercial relationships with ground-breaking researchers, startups and policy makers active across the UK’s rapidly evolving AI ecosystem.

Talks explored a huge range of topics, from the rise of digital twins and affective computing to topics such as DNA gene editing, autonomous transportation, blockchain, IoT, VR and AR.

The festival kicked off with an address from the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who outlined a strategic vision for London as a globally competitive, citizen-centric hotbed for AI innovation and thought leadership. During the address, the London Mayor argued that there is an urgent need for decision-makers from across society to recognize AI as a critical catalyst for the UK economy. If harnessed correctly, the London Mayor argued, AI could supercharge a diverse array of sectors around the UK, driving wealth creation.

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