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Committee seeks debate on accommodation for young people in care

The Education Committee seeks a debate in the House of Commons on the Government’s response to its report about care options for looked-after children over 16 years old.

Chair's comments

Publishing the Government Response as a special report, Education Committee Chair Graham Stuart MP said:

“The Committee’s inquiry looked at the accommodation and support offered to some of the most vulnerable children in our society. The Government’s response has gone some way to meet the concerns we identified but does not go far enough in some key areas.

For example, we welcome the Government’s commitment to ensure that these children should not spend more than two days in emergency B&B accommodation, but are disappointed that Ministers have refused to start talks with local authorities on how to ban the use of B&Bs altogether.

We also believe that the failure to inspect and regulate all accommodation provided to children in care is unacceptable and wrong. 

Through a debate in the House, members of the Committee and other MPs can explore with Ministers what can be done to improve the care given to children over 16 who need our help. 

We know that the Government is listening but we want them to move faster and more decisively on these crucial issues.”

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