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Complete our sixth GovTech SME Survey

We have launched our sixth annual GovTech SME Survey to better understand the experiences of SMEs selling to the public sector.

Today we are delighted to have launched this year’s GovTech SME Survey! It is clear to us the potential that small businesses have to transform public service delivery and drive innovation, we want to see more SMEs selling to government and showcasing their capabilities – this ambition is evident in government too - but there are a number of barriers that need to be broken down that have been in the way of SME access to the public sector tech market for a little while now.

In recognising this we run this survey each year to understand better the experience of SMEs in the public sector tech market. The findings from the survey are used to develop recommendations to promote GovTech innovation, ensure a smoother experience when it comes to procurement, and help improve access to the public sector market for SMEs. 

The results of last year’s SME Survey showed that there has been some progress in improving access to the market for SMEs – 60% of survey respondents felt that the Digital Marketplace, established to simplify the application process for small businesses operating in the public sector tech market, has helped SMEs access the public sector tech market - making opportunities more open and visible to all. The most significant revelation from last year’s survey though was that 91% of respondents felt that government do not have a sufficient understanding of how small businesses can meet their needs, this is up from 85% the year before, and some of the biggest barriers identified included a risk-averse culture in government and a lack of pre-procurement market engagement.

Clearly there is more work to be done. And we very much hope that the insights we get from this year’s survey will allow us to generate recommendations to help improve the situation and drive the next leap forward in SME access to the public sector tech market.

With that said, if you are an SME selling to the public sector please do fill out this survey to help us understand your experiences and help us work on breaking down the barriers!


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