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Coronavirus global response: 2 EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flights to South Sudan and new funding

Today, an EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flight arrived in Juba, as part of the European support to vulnerable countries during the coronavirus pandemic. The flight carried on board humanitarian supplies and medical equipment needed to support the national response to the pandemic. Another flight will follow in the coming days, bringing the total amount of cargo transported to 89 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest EU Humanitarian Air Bridge operations since its launch. 

The EU continues to stand by the people in need in South Sudan, especially in the current worldwide health crisis. Tackling the pandemic globally is in the interest of all. The EU Humanitarian Air Bridge Flights deliver medical equipment and other supplies to protect healthcare and frontline humanitarian aid workers. To ensure aid continues to reach those most in need, it is essential that humanitarian workers have full and safe access to do their lifesaving job,” said Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management.  

Furthermore, to help the most vulnerable in South Sudan, in 2020, the Commission is mobilising a total of €42.5 million in humanitarian assistance. This includes €9 million to address the effects of the desert locust plague on local communities.

In addition, in longer term development support as part of the ‘Team Europe' package, €49.1 million from the EU and its Member States will also be provided in South Sudan. This funding helps to strengthen the health system, support the economy and reinforce social support systems in the country.

The EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flights to Juba are being operated jointly by the EU, Italy and France and in coordination with the South Sudanese authorities. The flights are entirely funded by the EU, whereas the cargo belongs to the aid organisations using the flight, coordinated by the Réseau Logistique Humanitaire – a European humanitarian organisations' network.

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