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Coronavirus: responding to your insight

Over the last two weeks of our lives, communities and day to day patterns have all undergone unimaginable change as the threat and impact of Coronavirus became increasingly real. Every day, every news report, every social media post and every Government announcement shifted our expectations and normalities, and for many increased our fears.

Supporting vulnerable people who are offline or limited users of the internet, is the shared mission of the Online Centres Network and Good Things Foundation. And at this time, we have all found ourselves having to move incredibly fast and adjust to new ways of working away from face to face digital inclusion and social support.

This change has been unprecedented. Therefore we wanted to be able to respond in an informed way, so we could adjust our support and advocacy in line with what you knew and needed. 

To do this we sent out an online survey to everyone in the Online Centres Network on Thursday 19th March to gather insights nationally. 

We wanted to find out about the effect of Coronavirus on the communities and people you support, and what Good Things could do to help you respond. This meant knowing how you were doing at this time? If you could still function.And what more we could do to help you? 

Thank you to all those who have filled the survey in to date. 

We are now actively developing our support plans in line with the insights you have shared with us, and escalating what you and the people you support need to our funding partners and Government.

Each week, we’ll analyse your survey responses and write a report for our Leadership Team to enable them to shape what we do in line with your feedback. Your insights have huge external power too - so we’ll be sharing these insights with our partners too. So from this week forward, on a weekly basis, we will be blogging on the Good Things Foundation website, through social media and on Medium about what you have told us. 

Our first weekly blog on Coronavirus: Network Response and Insights will be this Friday 3rd April – so please look out for it!

Finally if you haven’t yet had the chance to share your experiences with us, or you’d like to update us on what you’re doing now, please do so. You can complete it multiple times, we just want to keep learning from you, and sharing what and how you’re doing through this difficult time. All of your responses are incredibly valuable.


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