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Creativity to empower girls and their grannies

Arts Council England has awarded £49,835 to The Gramophones Theatre Company to create an aerial theatre show and help girls connect with their grandmothers.

Grandmothers and their grandchildren will be invited to take part in a series of workshops to explore how women are represented in stories and talk about how they would like to be portrayed- breaking down stereotypes and building strong relationships between different generations and communities.

Farell Cox and Deborah Sanderson in Aidy the Awesome. (c) Pamela Raith / The Gramophones Theatre Company

The project includes a tour of Aidy the Awesome – an all-female aerial family show which aims to show young women that they can be strong, independent and inspiring. The story follows eight-year-old Aidy and her grandmother who tells her a secret - that all women in their family have super powers – and they both embark on an adventure that will turn their worlds upside down.

Peter Knott, Area Director for Arts Council England said: “Sharing a story with your grandmother is a great way for the generations to come together and inspire each other. We’re delighted to be supporting The Gramophones Theatre Company through our National Lottery funding as they give women the chance to share their hopes, dreams and experience, helping to create an exciting vision of the future.”

Deborah Sanderson in Aidy the Awesome. (c) Pamela Raith / The Gramophones Theatre Company

Hannah Stone, director and creative producer of Aidy the Awesome yesterday said:

“This is an aerial theatre show with a strong narrative. We will develop it to perform both indoors and outdoors with an all-female cast, including an older female aerialist as the Grandmother, as we want to promote the idea that age is no barrier.

“Children’s media and books are often packed with gender stereotypes, so we’re keen to explore stories in which girls are protagonists in alternative feisty, funny and strong roles. We want to break down the princess archetype and offer young girls different role models to aspire to.”

Aidy the Awesome will tour in 2020, appearing at Lakeside Arts in Nottingham and Déda in Derby in July.


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