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Cyber Regiment launched as part of modernisation of the Armed Forces

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, has announced a new cyber regiment to protect frontline operations from digital attacks.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has launched the UK’s first dedicated Cyber Regiment which will protect a number of defence networks, both at home and on overseas missions. As the nature of warfare evolves, digital and cyber capabilities are increasingly relied upon to ensure the nation’s security. With an increasing number of hostile actors operating in cyberspace, a new cyber frontline needs to be defended.

The 13th Signal Regiment is a regiment of the British Army within the 1st Signal Brigade under the command of 6th UK Division who are responsible for conducting information manoeuvre and unconventional warfare in support of the whole Armed Forces.

The specialist unit will provide the basis of the new Army Cyber Information Security Operations Centre, focusing on the protection of Defence’s cyber domain, and it will work with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to provide secure networks for all military communications.

A number of existing cyber functions are being brought together from across the Army to establish the regiment, with personnel from 15 different cap badges represented in the first intake, plus specialist RAF and Royal Navy personnel.

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