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Data Centre Programme Overview, Quarter 2 2019

Retrospective review of what we have done for operators in the second quarter of 2019.

This summarises what the data centre programme at techUK has been working on and /or delivered during the last quarter. It is organised thematically rather than chronologically so you can hop around your topics of interest instead of having to plough through the whole thing. Each topic includes a brief explanation so that those new to the programme don’t feel they are joining a conversation part way, and those who have lost track of developments can catch up.

 Just to remind you we produce four overviews a year – one for each of quarters 1, 2 and 3 and then an annual overview covering the whole year at the end of Q4. We don’t do a separate Q4 report. Each one pulls together the activity in the data centre programme and includes progress on policy priorities, regulatory developments, compliance, publications, press and platforms.  We also include reference to some broader techUK activity but only if it has specific relevance to our data centre community.  

Previous activity digests can be found here, including the 2019 Q12018 Annual Overview, 2018 Q3,  2018 Q22018 Q1the 2017 programme overview and those for 2016, and before. They should all be available from here:



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