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Data published on potential COVID-19 symptoms reported through NHS Pathways and 111 online

Dashboard shows the total number of NHS Pathways triages through 111 and 999, and online assessments in 111 online which have received a potential COVID-19 final disposition.

The dashboard will be published daily by NHS Digital, to inform the public and support the health and social care system in planning. It is released alongside a file of open data so others can also analyse the information, and we will work to develop it further in line with user feedback.

The data shows:

  • The total number of NHS Pathways2 triages through NHS 111 and 999 which have received a potential COVID-19 final disposition since 18 March 20203
  • The total number of online asessments in 111 online4 which have received a potential COVID-19 final disposition since 18 March 2020
  • Maps are at CCG level showing the number of triages/online assessments for each CCG, along with relevant population data showing the rate per 100,000 of the population5
  • The analysis includes breakdowns by sex and by age group.

Please note the following caveats around the data:

This data is based on potential COVID-19 symptoms reported by members of the public to NHS Pathways through NHS 111 or 999 and 111 online and is not based on outcomes of tests for coronavirus.

This is not a count of people. In 111 online, any user that starts and launches the COVID-19 assessment services is indicating they may have symptoms of coronavirus. They may have accessed the service multiple times with different symptoms. For NHS Pathways, it is a count of triages through NHS 111 or 999.

Users of 111 online can change answers and reach multiple dispositions so the data indicates those users that have started an assesment and completed a final disposition.

Users enter their current location which may differ from their home postcode.

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Notes For Editors

  1. NHS Digital is the national information and technology partner of the health and care system.  Our team of information analysis, technology and project management experts create, deliver and manage the crucial digital systems, services, products and standards upon which health and care professionals depend.  During the 2019/20 financial year, NHS Digital published 265 statistical reports. Our vision is to harness the power of information and technology to make health and care better.
  2. NHS Pathways is a clinical tool used for assessing, triaging and directing contact from the public to urgent and emergency care services. It enables patients to be triaged effectively and ensures that they are directed to the most appropriate service available at the time of contact. It is used in all NHS 111 services in England and approximately half of 999 ambulance services.
  3. All telephony data in this mapping tool are collected from the time that NHS Pathways release R19.3.3 was made available. Provider sites went live with this release at different times during the week commencing 16th March. As a result of this staggered adoption of the release data for NHS Pathways telephony in this report commences on Wednesday 18th March, with all provider sites live on Release 19.3.3 by this date; this is to ensure an even coverage across the different providers and an even saturation of colours in the mapping tool.
  4. 111 Online is a fast and convenient alternative to the 111 phone service and provides an option for people who want to access 111 digitally. It is one of several digital NHS services that are empowering people to manage their own health and care. 111 online is only accessible for those aged 5 and over. 
  5. Where there may be any small numbers (less than 6 triages) these data have been suppressed by using the value 5 where the true value is between 1 and 5, this explanation also appears when hovering over a CCG.


Channel website: https://digital.nhs.uk

Original article link: https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/news/pathways-covid-19-symptoms-data

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