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Defence Intranet (DEFNET) access - update for industry partners

An update from the Ministry of Defence on the future of industry access to the Defence Intranet (DEFNET).

MOD update to industry partners as follows:

"As you are aware, the current Defence Intranet that is accessed by Industry Partners is imminently closing.  Following the transition from DII(F) to MODNET, the replacement DEFNET service is not accessible to our Industry Partners.  

Several technical Courses of Action (COA) have been explored over recent weeks to certify that this issue is resolved whilst ensuring that a coherent solution is delivered to our Industry Partners.   

We have secured sign-off for our technical solution which continues to support the DEFNET solution and our vision of enhancing our ways of working with office 365 services. Our Industry Partners will be provided with Microsoft Business to Business (B2B) licenses, which will provide access to the key information required for our Industry Partners, whilst maintaining collaboration and continuity of our established relationships across the Business. 

Please be assured that we will work alongside our Industry Partners to ensure that the transition to DEFNET is seamless, whilst making certain that you have access to the information you require prior to the close-down of the Defence Intranet. 

Further communications will follow in due course. Thank you for your continued support.” 


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