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Deputy Minister visits new programme for Wales' energy sector

Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology Julie James, is visiting Pembrokeshire College today to meet young people on a new apprenticeship scheme supporting Wales’ growing energy sector.

Nine local employers make up the recently launched Haven Shared Apprenticeship Scheme where individuals can move between employers to ensure they develop a full set of skills and competencies.

The scheme supports those looking to build careers in the area’s growing energy industry as well as sectors that support it such as engineering and construction. Economic projections show an expected annual average output growth rate for Wales of 5.8%, stronger than for any of the UK regions and devolved nations.

The Deputy Minister said:

“This new programme is a great example of employers, training bodies and the Welsh Government working together to give young people the best possible start in their chosen career. Employers will pay the apprentices’ wages and our apprenticeship programme will fund their training at Pembrokeshire College.

“Employers will have accesses to well-qualified apprentices who they can look to offer employment to once their apprenticeship has been completed.

“I’m particularly encouraged to see large employers committing to the programme. Their support will benefit smaller businesses in the industry’s supply chain, as well as themselves.

“Apprentices will benefit from a comprehensive programme, which includes the opportunity to demonstrate their employability to a number of employers.”

Pembrokeshire College has set up a limited company, Pembrokeshire Apprenticeship Scheme (PAS), to administer the scheme. PAS will recruit and employ apprentices and then co-ordinate their training requirements.




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