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DfE seeks panels of professionals to drive technical education reform

In July last year, the Government set out its vision in the Post 16 Skills Plan 2016, which accepted all the recommendations made by the Independent Panel on Technical Education on how to improve technical education in England. This includes organising technical education, work-based (apprenticeships) and college-based, into 15 “routes” to skilled employment, such as engineering and manufacturing, digital and construction.

For each technical education route, we need panels of professionals to develop standards that would apply to work-based or college-based specific occupations and provide high level steers on qualification content. 

We are now ready to form the panels that will develop these occupational standards. This is an exciting moment and opportunity, and we are looking for experienced professionals in the occupations relevant to the “routes”, who are willing to provide their expertise and commit their time in one of the following roles:

  • Panel members - who will collectively be responsible for developing the standards for specific technical occupations by determining the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that individuals should meet to become competent. 
  • Panel chairs - who, in addition to the above, will be willing to lead the overall panel for a technical route and facilitate the active participation of all panel members.

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