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Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) Catalogue - March 2020

The National DAMS standards and the Interoperability Standards (API Blueprint) have been produced to ensure that there is a nationally standardised approach to...

Under the Digital Intelligence and Investigation (DII) Programme, a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) Catalogue has been produced which includes an uplifted National DAMS Standard along with new Interoperability Standards (Application Programming Interfaces [API] Blueprint) and a DAMS Landscape review of products and frameworks.

On September 12, techUK were delighted to announce to members that the Justice & Emergency Services Committee (JESC) and the Digital Policing Portfolio (DPP) entered into a strategic partnership. Since this announcement, the Justice & Emergency Services (JES) programme have been working hard to increase industry awareness of the aims of the DPP, to explore the capabilities of tech in supporting the police, drive change between industry and policing, as well as a partnership led approach to innovation and creative thinking. More information on this partnership can be found here.

techUK have subsequently been contacted by the DPP to ask us to share the following with our membership base. The National Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) catalogue brings together all national related standards to support policing reduce the risk of commercial decisions being made in the digital policing space.

The standards for both DAMS and Interoperability, have been produced to ensure:

  • A nationally standardised approach to functionality, procurement and implementation of a DAMS
  • Forces are provided with a consistent way of working, enabling standardisation, improved interoperability, better integration and improved cross-border collaboration.

If you have any questions or would like further information on this, please contact Georgie, who will be able to put you in contact with the DPP team.


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