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Digital Marketing Hub gets investment for second year

We’re working to upskill anyone involved in the promotion of sport and physical activity in England

The Digital Marketing Hub will continue for a second year after we awarded £520,000 of National Lottery Funding to the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Thanks to this investment the Hub, a free-to-use collection of resources and information aimed at improving the digital marketing skills of our sector, will continue to help those involved in the delivery of sport and physical activity in this country, such as freelance trainers, sport volunteers, marketing executives and gym operators.

Launch event - 11am, 15 November

Click the link below to sign up for the Hub and guarantee your registration for the second year launch event hosted by Jake Humphrey with a panel of VIP guests.

Since its launch in September 2021, 60% of users now feel more confident when communicating in an inclusive way, with 42% stating their communication with people from low socio-economic groups has significantly improved. 

These results highlight the importance of the Hub in supporting our long-term strategy, Uniting the Movement, which aims to confront physical activity inequalities such as those around socio-economic status and ethnicity - a fact valued by our director of marketing Kate Dale.

“Through upskilling those working across sport and physical activity, the Digital Marketing Hub continues to be a key resource in helping the sector to tackle inequalities and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be physically active," she said.

“Within its first nine months, the Hub has received strong volumes of visitors and registered users from a diverse range for organisation types.

“With this reinvestment of over £500,000 of National Lottery funding, we are aiming to help the Hub go from strength to strength with the ambition of helping organisations developing in-house digital marketing capabilities and attract more consumers.”

More than 5,300 people are currently using the Digital Marketing Hub, with 77% having enhanced their skills and confidence in digital marketing and 72% having improved their marketing efforts as a result.

In addition, 87% of users have changed their behaviour to have a greater impact across their organisations such as talking to others, gathering information and taking action.

Businesses are also seeing an increased awareness and involvement in digital marketing, with more members, clients or participants and an increase in revenue thanks to it.

But despite its success, one year after its launch the CIMSPA commercial director, Ollie Bell, knows the importance of evolving the Hub so that it keeps up with the latest digital marketing trends and offers the very best in support.

“The Digital Marketing Hub is an original and innovative solution for the sport and physical activity sector," he said.

“We are very pleased with the number of people taking part and improving their digital marketing.

“Over the next 12 months we are excited to keep improving the support on offer, combining the most up-to-date digital marketing practice and support with a modern, slick, experience for everyone getting involved.

“Users can expect to be part of a vibrant community making it easier to find the people and solutions that will have the biggest impact.”

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