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Digital Strategy Commits to Transformative Public Services

Government reaffirms its pledge to deliver world-leading public services.

Government’s commitment to design and deliver innovative public services was an important part of today’s Digital Strategy announcement.

In it, Government reaffirmed the pledges set out in last month’s Government Transformation Strategy to embed the skills, technology and culture needed to maintain world-leading digital services across Departments and public sector organisations.

The Digital Strategy sets out Government’s plans to exit legacy contracts and move towards common platforms and components that can be reused by teams working in different organisations. Government plans to buy commodity hardware and cloud-based software where appropriate to avoid building and duplicating single-purpose in-house solutions.

Building on the measures detailed in the Transformation Strategy to broaden the digital skills held by those public servants tasked with designing and delivering services, the Digital Strategy announced a new Digital Government Partnership, which aims to invite outside experts into Government as Technology Fellows to aid policy development.

Commenting on the announcement, Owen Spottiswoode, techUK’s Head of Public Services said:

“Today’s Digital Strategy reaffirmed the Government’s commitment – set out in its Transformation Strategy last month – to design and deliver public services that better serve citizens. We welcome the recognition that public service transformation is more relevant now than ever and will help Government to meet the challenges it faces in the coming years.

“A vital part of the Strategy is its focus on improving the digital skills and capabilities of public servants. While the recruitment of digital specialists is important to ensure that Government can deliver world-class services, the recognition that digital skills must be embedded throughout Government is crucial.

Likewise the commitment to deliver joined-up, end-to-end services is an important step towards leaner and more citizen-friendly Digital Government.

“Government must be willing to experiment with new transformational approaches, and harness a competitive supplier landscape in doing so. As ever, the challenge for the Digital Strategy will be in its execution and we look forward to working with the Government to help it achieve its targets, embracing the full diversity and strengths of UK tech suppliers.”


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