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Digital businesses facing real uncertainty about Brexit impact

Julian David highlights that digital businesses need clarity as Government says it intends to ramp up No Deal planning.

Commenting on the government’s announcement that it intends to ramp up No Deal planning, techUK CEO, Julian David, yesterday said:

“Digital businesses were assured that they would have clarity on Brexit by the end of 2018. Instead, they will now go into the New Year facing real uncertainty about the direct impact of Brexit on their business and its wider impact on the UK economy.

“Brexit uncertainty is imposing more costs on tech businesses and driving jobs and investment away from the UK.

“The only thing worse than continued uncertainty is the risk of a No Deal Brexit. Those who talk about a ‘managed No Deal’ are pedalling a fantasy. While tech businesses will prepare for a No Deal as best they can, the reality is that many of the hard challenges that tech companies would face in the event of No Deal cannot be ‘managed’ away. Commercial contracts, investment, staffing and data are all at critical risk in any No Deal Brexit and anyone suggesting otherwise needs to listen to the tech businesses of all sizes who will be directly impacted by a disorderly exit from the EU.”

“The Government has now confirmed that the vote will take place in the week of 14 January. This date must not move again. Time is running out to reach a Brexit agreement, and the digital businesses that are building the modern economy cannot wait much longer for certainty.”


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