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Director General thanks the NCA officers who go above and beyond

An annual ceremony yesterday recognised NCA officers, investigative teams and partners who have made an exceptional contribution to the agency’s work in protecting the public from serious organised crime.

Nominations for consideration are made by fellow NCA officers. Those identified as exceptional go forward to receive a Director General’s Commendation, the highest acknowledgement of achievement within the agency.

This year the commendations include:

  • The NCA team coordinating the joint  law enforcement, industry and government response to theft from underground fuel pipelines. Criminal attempts to tap into high pressure fuel pipes create significant risks for public safety and the environment. Since this project was established, incidents have dropped from a peak of 40 in 2015 to 12 in 2016.
  • The team whose methodical investigation, including detailed analysis of travel patterns and communication data, uncovered the scale and influence of an organised crime group moving firearms, ammunition and large quantities of Class A drugs across Europe. The quality of their evidence helped ensure all seven defendants were found guilty, with total prison sentences of over 100 years.
  • An officer who was responsible for summarising a large volume of the most extreme category of child abuse images for presentation at court. Matt H had to view images which the judge described as ‘some of the most vicious, distressing and wicked that this court has ever come across’. Matt was commended by the judge for descriptions which were ‘clear, unemotional and yet highly impactive’ and which left the defendant no opportunity to dispute the evidence.
  • A team whose four year investigation into a high risk criminal group encountered extreme violence, firearms, and threats to life. The violence had had a substantial impact on communities where the group operated. The investigation led to the conviction of eight people by the NCA and its partners.
  • Michael and Sebastian, two off duty officers who intervened when a man attempted the armed robbery of a betting shop. The officers, who were trainees at the time and did not yet have powers of arrest, detained the man until Metropolitan Police officers arrived.

Commendations were also given to partners working in the Border Force National Deep Rummage team, the CPS, the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service, and the Metropolitan Police.

NCA Director General Lynne Owens commented:

“I am immensely proud of the work done day in day out by NCA officers. We often work alongside others and it is good to be able to commend representatives of some of their agencies too.

“The experiences of those earning commendations this year give all of us pause for thought. Their personal commitment, determination, and innovation are an inspiration to me, to my senior team, and to their fellow officers.”


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